Collection: Brown Spot Schedule

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1. Exuviance Facial Cleansing Gel                                                1. Exuviance Facial Cleansing Gel

2. SkinHealix C Serum                                                                   2. SkinHealix C Serum

3. SkinHealix Cellular Night Creme                                                3. SkinHealix Cellular Night Creme

4. Unitone Serum***                                                                       4. Unitone Serum***

5. Solar Defense SPF 35                                                                5. Neutrogena Retinol Cream OR prescription retinoid cream


a) Unitone Serum is an important peptide depigmenting product. Reduction of
hyper-pigmentation is slow. One needs to be patient.

b) You can find the following products online at “”:

Exuviance Facial Cleansing Gel
SkinHealix C Serum
SkinHealix Cellular Night Creme
Unitone Serum
Solar Defense SPF 35

c) Neutrogena Retinol Cream is found at the drugstore

d) Stronger retinoid creams must be prescribed by a dermatologist or a

e) Remember: You need to use the Solar Defense SPF 35 consistently with a
“two-layer application” method with a repeated application every 2-4 hours.
Otherwise, you will obtain brown coloration that will take more efforts to

f) If you have defined circular or oval brown spots (lentigo/lentigines), you will
need to have them treated by a dermatologist or physician. Topical agents
to reduce the color will only do that. The color will lessen, but the spot will
continue to grow with time. There are various methods available to remove
these spots.
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