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SkinHealix 3-D Eye Cream

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Glide your fingers across your face and up toward your eyes, and several things will change. Skin becomes noticeably thinner. Translucency increases. Surface capillaries become more visible. Coloration deepens.

Somewhat deeper, another transformation runs its course. Collagen and elastin ratios reverse to better handle the dynamic needs of the skin surrounding the eyes, the periorbital skin. With elastin ultimately dominating, we lose collagen’s bulking effect. Fine lines and wrinkles develop earlier than they otherwise would.

With so many unique histologic features and physical stresses, periorbital skin is prime territory for a dedicated skincare formulation. At SkinHealix, we met this opportunity with 3D Eye Serum. It’s our answer to the three dimensions that plague periorbital skin – inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and connective tissue loss. Each has the potential to age you, detract from your message, work against you.

These are the dimensions, and our answer to each of them.

Inflammation is about puffiness and fullness around the eyes. It’s about excess fluid accumulation from leaky capillaries, and a hint of redness. The problem is as much a consequence of the day-to-day grind as it is of a life lived to the fullest. Subduing it and controlling it is what 3D Eye Serum is all about.

A botanical cocktail supplemented with the vasoconstrictor phenylephrine, mitigates the inflammatory process and levels the playing field. Aloe vera is the largest ingredient by weight in the formulation to meet that end. It’s soothing, anti-inflammatory qualities offer a potent counter to any nidus of irritation. True to our nature, though, we amplified the effect with extracts of olive, red wine and lotus flower, and a dash of lavendar. Gradually, local skin tone recovers. Cell turnover increases. A platform of wellness and calm overtakes the region.

With the inflammatory milieu receding, 3D Eye Serum redresses the dark circles and hyperpigmentation so commonly associated with aging around the eyes. With continued use over an 8 week interval, statistically significant improvements can be documented, and it all happens because of two core actives, manganese gluconate and our proprietary pentapeptide.

The first active, manganese gluconate, mobilizes deposits of chelated iron from ruptured blood vessels in the region, returning it to the circulation. Our patented pentapeptide then converts the skin pigment melanin from its dark eumelanin iteration, to the aesthetically lighter pheomelanin. Over time, dark circles fade. A revitalized you begins to emerge.

Our third dimension is all about restoring the connective tissue matrix around the eye to a more youthful state. 3D Eye Serum accomplishes this task with a proprietary poly-tetrapeptide1 that stimulates local fibroblasts to synthesize elastin, and laboratory studies confirm it. A statistically significant increase in functional elastin density yields greater skin resilience and tone. By most objective measures, that’s youth renewed.

And to protect the work of 3D Eye Serum, mica and titanium dioxide, the non-nano, non-whitening form, are included in the formulation to protect the skin from the counterproductive influence of ultraviolet light, to a SPF 8 rating. Which is why we call 3D Eye Serum smart. For Smart Skin