SkinHealix Solar Escape Sunscreen SPF 30

SkinHealix Solar Escape Sunscreen SPF 30

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Prevention has always been best practice. That’s why at SkinHealix, we created Solar Escape.

The facts are simple: No matter what the SPF rating of your preferred sun protection product, your ultraviolet coverage is still less than perfect. That leaves skin open to genetic damage and fragmentation of its connective tissues – which are the forerunners to pre-cancerous change and premature aging of the skin. That’s the outside reality of today’s sun care lineup -- except at SkinHealix.

As luck would have it, the solution to this vexing problem was surprisingly simple, because the solution is already inside each of us. We at SkinHealix just enhanced it -- with Solagen S2.

This patented biopeptide complex, with T4 Endonuclease V, amplifies the skin’s ability to repair the genetic damage induced by ultraviolet light. It also interferes with the activation of the metalloproteinase enzyme cascade that degrades your skin’s connective tissues, helping to preserve your native collagen and elastin fibers. That’s what we call a real time solution to a vexing problem. It also makes Solar Escape the only choice in comprehensive sun protection.

For many, the elegance of our science warrants an equally informed approach to the balance of the Solar Escape formulation. We accomplish this with aloe vera gel as the largest ingredient by weight, with an added splash of chamomile, cucumber and added aloe vera extracts to supplement the base’s soothing attributes. Safflower and jojoba oil are the core humectants, with vitamins E and A positioned in the middle of the index to protect the skin against free radical damage. The end result is a well-rounded, soothing anti-inflammatory base to deliver Solagen S2 in a SPF 30 sunscreen.

And that’s what we call smart. For Smart Skin.