SkinHealix Stretch Mark Eraser

SkinHealix Stretch Mark Eraser

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Webster’s dictionary defines cachet as “a characteristic feature or quality conferring prestige.” Think the crème de la crème, the highest standard. By definition then, comparing less remarkable items is akin to a non sequitur, an absurdity -- which is why things get all the more interesting if we’re talking about SkinHealix’s clinically proven Homeogen SR. It’s got cachet in some very unlikely places. 


Two botanicals and a patented TA1 Peptide Complex are at the heart of this formulation. These ingredients, when applied conscientiously over an eight week interval, actually modulate collagen synthesis and degradation, with a long-term focus on organized collagen deposition and crosslinking. The end result is a more pleasing aesthetic. Striae will fade. Surface irregularities will soften. Skin will appear renewed. 


As nature would have it, seventy percent of your skin’s dermal layer is composed of a collagen subtype whose function is to impart tensile strength to the skin. When lifestyle choices challenge these inherent qualities, striae may develop. Material scientists call it necking. It’s that sudden give in structural integrity without an actual breach in the material. At the microscopic level, collagen crosslinks with elastin fracture, and irregular, fragmented collagen bundles accrue. To your eye, affected skin will seem weaker, distorted, almost sinewy. 


Regardless of how you approach the problem, stretch marks are ultimately about disequilibrium between two processes – our body’s inability to clear fragmented collagen bundles from the dermis, and skin’s predisposition to respond to stress in a way that yields an unfavorable esthetic. Homeogen SR rebalances the disconnect, and laboratory investigation confirms it. Assays for Procollagen Type I C-Peptide, an important collagen precursor, reveal a statistically significant decrease of this protein in skin treated with SME.


At the cellular level, botanicals in the formulation induce the skin to clear out collagen bundles. TA5 Peptide Complex then targets local fibroblasts to deposit collagen in an organized and measured process, with an eye toward a stable, crosslinked collagen network that is ultimately as pleasing to the eye as it is to a scanning electron microscope.


That’s the kind of attention to detail that you would expect from SkinHealix, which is why it’s smart. For Smart Skin.


1SUNY Brooklyn’s Department of Dermatology