Collection: Acne Schedule



AM                                                                                                    PM

1. Exuviance Cleansing Facial Gel                                                    1. Exuviance Cleansing Facial Gel

2. Cerave PM or AM Cream                                                              2. Cerave PM or AM Cream

3. NeoStrata Bionic Facial Cream                                                     3. NeoStrata Bionic Facial Cream

4. If the skin is dry, add SkinHealix Cellular Night Creme                 4. If the skin is dry, add SkinHealix Cellular Night Creme

5. Strong Retinoid (e.g. prescription Tazorac Cream or Gel)            5. Strong Retinoid (e.g. prescription Tazorac Cream or Gel)

6. Solar Defense SPF 35

1) The key to this treatment is to use Tazorac Cream (e.g. 0.1%), then move up to
Tazorac Gel (0.1%), if your skin can tolerate it. You can get red, scaly, burning, and
irritation. That is why one must use 3-4 lubricants. If you use the Tazorac once a
day, you will achieve about 60-70% improvement; if you use the Tazorac twice daily
at a high level, one can get to the 90% of clearance in a few months (3-6 months).

2) Very importantly, one must not use more that a “petite chocolate chip size” of
Tazorac product that will cover the entire face. You have moisture on the
skin, so that the small amount will spread. Avoid the corners of the mouth,
nose, lateral eyes, since these areas dry up easily.

3) If you become pregnant or are breast-feeding, you need to stop all retinoid
Products, including Tazorac topical products.

4) Tazorac will more rapidly turnover the upper layer of the skin (stratum
corneum) that will help to prevent future plugs and will help to clear the
‘ old acne plugs’.

5) NeoStrata Bionic Facial Cream tends to help to ‘roll off’ the dead cell layer. If
the skin is peeling too easily, one can use “NeoStrata Bionic Rejuvenating Facial
Scrub” (can be found on ‘’).

6) The over-the-counter retinol products are not usually strong enough to
Control acne.

7) If the acne is severe, one needs to seek the assistance of a dermatologist for
further treatment (often systemic).

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